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The College of Performance Management (CPM) is a global, non-profit, professional organization dedicated to developing and disseminating the principles and practices of earned value management and other project performance management techniques.

Performance Goals for next two years (2022-2023)

Update PEP education content

Update the CPM Professional Education Program (PEP) to include utilization of current industry and government best practice guidance. During the update, CPM plans to expand the training team to provide more opportunities for members to participate.

Create Champions Series

The Champion’s Series is a deconstruction of our traditional conference workshops and practice symposium. The effort started in Dec 2021 with 8 other sessions schedule through 2022.

Performance Mgmt Compendium

Create a Compendium for Performance Management which capture the best practices across the globe. The goal is to improve the dissemination and promotion of the utilization of performance management across projects, programs, and portfolios.

Promote Collaboration

Through online sessions (CPM’s Microsoft TEAMS platform) hosted by CPM as well as collaboration with other associations and academia we plan to host discussions on research, education, and general collaboration with members and non members.


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