Awards can give you a tremendous amount of encouragement to keep getting better, no matter where you come from

You probably know that the College of Performance Management offers several Awards, but did you know what each Award represents?

We would like to introduce the types of Awards and explain a little about the attributes of those whom they were named.  By understanding the individuals honored by the establishment of the Award and the calibre of those who have been recipients, we hope you will be inspired to look at your own professional circle and identify those who are taking Performance Management to the next step in its evolutionary journey.


Do you have the vision to spot peers of those described below?

Leader in Project Management

Transformation of C/SCSC into Earned Value Management Systems Guidelines

Excellence in teaching, has published academic papers, or books in the area of performance management

Exceptional Commitment

Personal, Responsibility, Integrity, Dedication, and Excellence Award

Awarded to an individual by the CPM President to recognize various special contributions by a member of CPM