Awarded to an individual by the CPM President to recognize special contributions by any member of CPM. 

Nominees must be CPM members.

This year’s CPM Presidents Award is awarded to

Bob Loop

Darrell Mesa

The President’s Award is awarded to an individual by the CPM President to recognize various special contributions by a member of CPM.  This year the award is given to two people.  Bob Loop and Darrell Mesa.  As the President of CPM, I’ve selected these two because of the work they have done over the past year in getting programming out to our members during COVID.

Darrell Mesa joined the board in the middle of 2020 and has been instrumental as our VP of Digital Presence.  A position we created for him as we migrated CPM from doing in-person conferences to doing all Virtual events.  In the past two years, Darrell has overseen the conversion of our Websites and our whole Microsoft suite with Exchange email, MS TEAMS, SharePoint, etc.   Darrell came to us as someone relatively new to performance management.   His past has been over 10 years as a Marine in Flight Operations, a few more years as a contractor, and then he started down his path into performance management.  He started scheduling just over 5 years ago and has not looked back.  While relatively new to the business, here he is, volunteering and spending a significant amount of time helping CPM be a success.

Our other awardee is Bob Loop, who has been in the business just about as long as Darrell has been alive. Bob started and worked for Raytheon and Lockheed for 25 years and then moved into being a support contractor for a short period and then onto DOE.  Bob is being recognized because he stepped up in 2021 to be the VP of Education and took advantage of all the technology Darrell made available and used it to allow CPM to offer our Professional Education Program (PEP) virtually from Nov 2021 to May 2022.  What we usually did at conferences, he got done virtually. 

The other exceptional part of this was all done without the help of our management company.  CPM ended that relationship at the end of 2021, and thus, these two picked up a significant amount of work to allow the association to continue to provide programming.   This was key in keeping the association vibrant during COVID, and thus they are being recognized with the President’s Award.

Darrell and Bob … it is members like yourselves that don’t just make a difference for the association but help the association meet the mission of providing programming to the profession.

Congratulations to Bob and Darrell!

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