Welcome to the Education and Training webpage of the College of Performance Management (CPM), the hub for professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in Earned Value Management (EVM) and Integrated Performance Management (IPM).

Whether you are a newcomer to the world of performance management or a seasoned veteran, you will find valuable resources, learning materials, and community connections here to support your professional journey. We are dedicated to advancing the effective application of EVM and IPM through education, and are committed to the continual learning of our community.

We offer a range of educational resources and training options that cover the basic to advanced concepts of EVM. Our curriculum is designed to cover the entire EVM process from the definition of scope and planning to data collection, analysis, review, action, change management, and risk management.

By enrolling in our training programs, you will learn to define the concepts of Earned Value, describe the EVM process, establish a Performance Measurement Baseline for a project, and interpret Earned Value Data for various scenarios.

Our content extends beyond EVM to explore integrated project performance management, bringing together the many interconnected disciplines involved in the successful execution of complex projects. We cover advanced techniques for integrating technical, schedule, and resource (or cost) management on complex projects.

In line with our mission, we provide comprehensive, high-quality content that enhances understanding of EVM and IPM, and promotes their application in the field. We continually update our content to reflect current best practices and innovative methods, so you can stay at the forefront of your profession.

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