Sponsorship today requires genuine engagement and a belief in the shared goals of the partnership. – Marcy Heim

College of Performance Management (CPM) Sponsorship

Does your business have a Program Management Office (PMO) or like entity that utilizes performance management within your business or for client requirements? Have you thought about how does my business improve its ability to engage in performance management and to promote its ability to do so? Well your answer is to become involved with the CPM.

There are several ways you can become involved which include signing up for learning sessions and workshops as a non-member or a member; or volunteering at CPM. Those are sufficient ways to begin accomplishing your goals; however, the most effective way to take your performance management goals to the next level is to become a sponsor. Becoming a sponsor allows you to not only engage your employees in the CPM (yearly sponsorship comes with five free memberships) but also allows you to get your company name recognized in the field of performance management along with the other experts.

This is not only important for performance management promotion, but also a good general way to promote your business in a field of peers because companies that have performance management responsibilities also have many other technical and business functions. Becoming involved as a sponsor places your business in a high-performing, skilled environment amongst peers.

Become a Sponsor