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Sponsorship today requires genuine engagement and a belief in the shared goals of the partnership. – Marcy Heim

College of Performance Management (CPM) Sponsorship

Does your business have a Program Management Office (PMO) or like entity that utilizes performance management within your business or for client requirements? Have you thought about how does my business improve its ability to engage in performance management and to promote its ability to do so? Well your answer is to become involved with the CPM.

There are several ways you can become involved which include signing up for learning sessions and workshops as a non-member or a member; or volunteering at CPM. Those are sufficient ways to begin accomplishing your goals; however, the most effective way to take your performance management goals to the next level is to become a sponsor. Becoming a sponsor allows you to not only engage your employees in the CPM (yearly sponsorship comes with five free memberships) but also allows you to get your company name recognized in the field of performance management along with the other experts.

This is not only important for performance management promotion, but also a good general way to promote your business in a field of peers because companies that have performance management responsibilities also have many other technical and business functions. Becoming involved as a sponsor places your business in a high-performing, skilled environment amongst peers.

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“Revitalizing Excellence: The Endeavour of Renewed Sponsorship at the College of Performance Management”

The College of Performance Management (CPM) is an excellent platform for businesses seeking to elevate their performance management practices. Your business can engage with CPM in numerous ways, such as through learning sessions, workshops, or by volunteering. However, sponsorship offers the most comprehensive benefits, significantly advancing your performance management objectives.

Sponsorship comes with multiple perks that promote your business among peers, enabling engagement and collaboration with a community of professionals. Additionally, sponsorship also gives you the opportunity to promote your business more broadly, beyond just performance management.

Importantly, sponsors are not just passive benefactors but active participants in the CPM community. As a sponsor, your business will have the chance to network with other performance management professionals, gain recognition in the field, and even contribute to shaping the future of performance management.

If you’ve sponsored CPM before, now is the time to consider renewing your sponsorship. Continuing your engagement with CPM will allow your business to maintain a high-performing environment, improving your capability and capacity for performance management. In doing so, your business will stay on the cutting edge of industry best practices and trends. Renewing your sponsorship also reaffirms your commitment to the performance management community, and demonstrates your continued support for its development and advancement.

So don’t delay. Renew your sponsorship with CPM today and take your performance management practices to new heights.

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Full Monte, Opus View, Schedule Inspector

Barbecana seeks to improve the quality and the realism of project schedules, and hence the chance of achieving them. To this end, Tony Welsh, Barbecana’s founder has used his 30+ years’ experience in project management software to help customers make more realistic forecasts for the future.

Barbecana also has a commitment to customer service. We listen to customers’ concerns and these form the basis of much of our ongoing development schedule.

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Powering Project Success Better software means better projects.

Deltek delivers software and information solutions that enable superior levels of project intelligence, management and collaboration. Our industry-focused expertise makes your projects successful and helps you achieve performance that maximizes productivity at every stage of the project lifecycle that fuels your business.

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Encore Analytics

Actionable insight for complex Projects

Encore Analytics is the leading supplier of analytical tools for programs that utilize earned value management techniques to plan and control projects. Customers include government agencies and contractors who procure and/or execute large, complex projects. Encore’s Empower product is compatible with a host of earned value and schedule management tools.

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EVMP Forum

Earned Value Management Practitioners Forum

The EVMP Forum’s mission is to help project controls professionals to understand government requirements
and objectives, as well as implement effective EVMS processes and tools in order to provide reliable and actionable
​ project performance reporting information.

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Humphreys & Associates

The Leader in Earned Value Management Consulting and Training

Humphreys & Associates offers a complete range of EVMS consulting services including system gap analysis, system design, implementation support, and compliance review preparation.

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Intaver Institute

Project Risk Management Consulting

Intaver Institute Inc. develops project risk management and project risk analysis software. Intaver’s flagship product is RiskyProject: project risk management software. RiskyProject integrates with Microsoft Project, Oracle Primavera, other project management software or can run standalone. RiskyProject comes in three configurations: RiskyProject Lite, RiskyProject Professional, and RiskyProject Enterprise.

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Intra Management Solutions

Delivering superior project management services to achieve next-level project performance

Employing the most advanced project management methodologies and tools to help clients across businesses pull off the impossible

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SNA Software

Own the Data® with SNA Software® Solutions

A complete integrated project and program management, business intelligence, data capture and visualization, and application configuration solution all on one platform on-premise and now in the Cloud.

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Veracity Engineering

Systems Engineering & Program Management

Veracity Engineering provides a comprehensive set of systems engineering and program management services. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified SE and PM processes have proven themselves by enabling projects to meet or exceed our customers expectations on schedule and within budget.

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Univ of Maryland Project Management Center of Excellence

START YOUR JOURNEY. What will your next project be?

The mission of the Project Management Center for Excellence is threefold:

  1. Provide a high quality, challenging education in project management that encompasses the breadth and depth of the field; and prepares graduates to be proficient as both contributing members of project teams and excellent project managers
  2. Maintain a strong research program that is recognized for excellence in project management
  3. Provide project management training and development services to the University, the profession, and the community at large

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Experienced. Value Focused. Results Driven.

It’s simple.  Our real-world experience and specialized knowledge, along with our culture and values enable us to be THE BEST Enterprise Project Management related professional services firm, worldwide. 

Pinnacle provides a wide range of professional services through 4 primary service lines; Management Consulting, Technology Systems Implementation, Training & Education, Functional Fulfillment.  We have extensive experience implementing and optimizing enterprise-wide capabilities in all Project Management related practices.

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