Do you want to expand your volunteer resume showing leadership or outside activities?  Are you ready to volunteer with a professional society? Need to find a new way to share the knowledge you have acquired in your career? Looking for a way to share knowledge for the following generations?

If the answer was ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then the College of Performance Management has an opportunity for you.  CPM is seeking volunteers to serve on the Board Membership Committee.  In this position, you will be able to grow your professional network, assist in the growth of CPM, and gain knowledge about how a professional organization operates to benefit its members..

To join the CPM Board Membership Committee, you must be a member of CPM.  Once you join, you will be eligible to participate in other volunteer activities of CPM that might interest you, including various educational and training programs. You will be able to develop a network of other professionals with interests similar to yours that can enhance your career track and knowledge base.

  • Participate

  • Influence

  • Lead