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Professional Education Program (PEP) Curriculum Coordinator

Job Description:

  1. Curriculum Management: Control the content of the Professional Education Program (PEP) overall, ensuring that it is up-to-date, comprehensive, and in alignment with the objectives of the College of Performance Management.
  2. Performance Management: Understand and apply performance management principles to ensure clarity of program goals, objectives, and performance results. This includes monitoring and analyzing program outcomes to enhance its effectiveness.
  3. Education Program Coordination: Provide support in the development and delivery of the PEP, which may include routine program logistics, team activities, and use of electronic resources.
  4. Stakeholder Support: Assist internal and external stakeholders as required, ensuring their needs and inquiries related to the PEP are adequately addressed.
  5. Professional Development: Engage in continuous professional growth through attending relevant courses, workshops, and leadership events, focusing on enhancing leadership, management, and curriculum development skills.


  1. Passion for education and professional growth.
  2. Understanding of performance management principles.
  3. Experience in education program coordination and/or curriculum development is a plus.
  4. Excellent communication and leadership skills.
  5. Ability to manage and organize electronic resources.
  6. Flexibility to work in a volunteer capacity for 5 – 8 hours per month.

Please note, as a volunteer position, this role is unpaid but offers an excellent opportunity for those interested in gaining experience in education management, curriculum development, and performance management.

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